Beth Moser is an artist who creates handcrafted jewelry, prints and embroidery art in her home studio, located in Central Pennsylvania.

Since 1993, she has mastered her art form by use of bead weaving and embroidery techniques.  Beth exhibits her jewelry at fine art venues, galleries and has published works in print.

In addition to creating works of art, she enjoys teaching her signature and innovative designs in classroom and workshop settings.

LET'S GET PERSONAL... (get to know Beth)

Hi and welcome! 
I began beading in college (1993), by stringing single strand bracelets and necklaces for a few dollars a piece. During that time, I attended an Earth Day festival where a friend taught me a new stitch and I discovered, right there and then, that I love beading. 
After graduating with a degree in Psychology, I continued to learn new stitches and techniques. Over the course of 25 years, I evolved into a self taught bead artist.

I found another love in college, my husband, Christopher. Many of you know him because we do all shows and travel together. We live in Central PA along with our 3 beautiful and inspiring boys (young men), Tevy, the dog and our bird, Coco. I work in my home studio (hours by appt.).
Since college and through our boys' youngers years, I spent endless hours mastering my own unique voice through my art.

Some thing you may not know about me is that my entire spine is fused to my pelvis. I was born with scoliosis and first fused in 1990 and have had 2 more fusions. Like Frida Kahlo, I spent many hours beading in bed while recovering and healing from surgeries. Many people have complimented me on my ability to pursue my passion full time, however, few are aware of the personal challenges I have endured due to my physical condition. Overall, I am blessed that my art has always been my silver lining.

When I was a little girl, I spent time drawing and designing Barbie doll clothes. It wasn't until the past couple of years that I have rediscovered my love for drawing and other art mediums such as fiber and embroidery. I am excited to pursue my childhood fascination more through my artistic journey.

Seeing my designs in print excites me. If you have gone to the store with me to see a magazine with my work, you will quickly see how happy and honored I feel. Just ask Chris and our boys, I have had many giddy moments when I was unable to contain my joy! Luckily, we haven't been kicked out of Barnes and Noble, yet. :)

I love the challenge when new designs inspire my creative process, although at times I feel like I going mad. The moment I see the end result, I feel satisfied with making a piece of art that has never existed. For me, creating art allows me to be vulnerable with a playful and colorful expression. One of my favorite quotes is "Hold the vision, trust the process". 

It is true, I do a silent happy dance when someone purchases my work. Not only am I able to bring home the brisket (we are jewish and don't eat bacon) I am glad to have made some one happy and feel pretty.